Adoption is a beautiful process of giving up your child instead of choosing other options. The biological parent transfer the rights & responsibility of raising the child to the foster parent. Both parents sets of parents can be part of raising the children or the biological parents can take full responsibility of raising the child.

Adoption explained
What is adoption? Adoption is a social and legal process that is involved in creating a new family and the adopted child gets the same benefits and rights as those born in the family. It can be challenging to understand how it works and the process involved. If this is a path you are considering, please contact one of our pregnancy centers for more information.

Adoption consent
One of the greatest rights for the biological parent is the right to object or consent to an adoption of their child. Generally, the consent of the two parents is required before an adoption can take place.

Methods of adoption
You can adopt a child using several methods. Click here to see some of those adoption types.

The adoption procedure
In case you are considering giving up your child to adoption, it is important to understand the basic procedure that is used in the different types of adoption.

Your rights to stay informed
Where you adopt a child using the closed adoption methods, the adoption records are usually sealed by the judge to ensure that the transaction remains private. However, the adoptee can petition the court to unseal the adoption records.