How a new life begins?

Life begins at conception. Conception occurs when the ovum is combined with the sperm cell of the father. After the combination of the DNA content of these two cells within the first few hours, it is here that your traits are determined such as the color of the eyes, hair, skin as well as your body and face configuration. This is on top of aspects of intelligence and temperament.

After the passing down of the physical traits of each generation of parents to the children who also become parents, you become a combination of the attributes that your ancestors had. But it important to note that it is only in the last century that science advanced enough for people to understand all this.

Development of the fetus

After the conception, the only thing that will be necessary is nourishment so that you could grow into the baby who came out after a period of 9 months.

1st Month

Apart from a few exceptions, only one egg is released by a mother every month. However the father constantly produces the sperm cell and can release between 20,000,000 and 0.5 billion sperms in a single ejaculation. All these sperms will try to reach the egg so as to produce the new life. In case there is an egg cell that has already been released by the woman, the sperm will be able to reach it in a period of one hour.

After conception, the embryo has a home, safe environment and nutrition and therefore it begins to develop. The cell starts to increase from some hundreds to the thousands and all these have their special purpose. In a couple of weeks, the arms will begin to emerge and after 2 days the legs will also be formed. One thing that will surprise you is that the heartbeat can be detected after a period of 18 days from conception.

After the first month, you will experience the greatest increase in size as well as physical changes in your whole lifetime. You will be larger by ten thousand times as compared to how you were during conception. However, you will still be tiny.

2nd Month

This is where the baby begins to get to details. By the time they are aged 40 days, it will be possible to measure the brain waves. You will tend to become good proportioned. During the 6th and 11TH week, muscles and nerves begin to work together. The lips is the first one that becomes sensitive to touch and incase they are stroked, the baby pulls away. This is an indication of a reaction to the stimulus.

It is also possible to start an exercise program as you stretch and bend the new muscles. These movements are also considered important to the growth as it is a preparation of a life after birth. The hands, years and legs are getting close to completion and they therefore take on individuality.

3rd Month

The 3RD month marks the end of the embryo and the beginning of the fetus. Fetus means young one in Latin. At this stage, the whole body is complete and the skeleton changes from cartilage to the actual bone cells. The plasma and eyelids are also becoming sensitive to touch and the baby is able to fist.

The muscle and nerve connection also increase greatly in the 9th and 10th month. The fetus can swallow; squint and frown as a response to the stimuli and can also make some facial expression. By the 12th week, the movement of the baby are already fluid & graceful and can make a facial expression that is similar to that of the parent. It is here also that the baby starts to breath the oxygen that is supplied by the mother through the umbilical cord. This can also be a difficult time for babies whose mother smoke as they will also receive the air that is filled with smoke.

4th Month

Here the weight of the baby has increased 6 fold and 5 inches are added to their height. The mother can already start feeling the fetus movement and the a abdomen is growing. The taste buds can now work and the unborn baby can show preference. As the 4th month comes to an end, the heart begins to pump at 25 quarts of blood every day.

5th Month

It is here that the baby has grown to around one foot. They also start to grow hair on the head, eyelashes and eyebrows. The mother starts to feel their presence too. The baby turns and kicks regularly and their hiccups can even be felt. The baby also starts developing a wake and sleep pattern and can even dream. Twins have also been seen fighting at this stage.

6th Month

The baby is now around 1 inches long and has started accumulating fat below their skin. The eyelids are opened and they can vigorously exercise their eyes. This is the right stage for correcting birth defects in babies.

7th, 8th and 9th Month

You have already started gaining weight and putting on some pounds. The baby also can start sucking the thumb. If it has hair on the head, this grows rapidly. The baby starts now feeling cramped in the womb. The key immunities also get transferred during these months to protect the baby in the first few months