Thinking you are pregnant?

If you had sex and think that you might be pregnant, this is something that can stir a lot of emotions in you as you come to realize that your whole life is just about to change. You might feel excited, happy, angry, scared or even a mix of all these emotions. This is quite normal and harboring these feelings doesn't mean that you will still have them in a day or two.

The most sensible thing that you should do is to try to find out whether you are pregnant. There are several reasons that may cause you to miss your periods. Change in diets, increase in stress levels and exercise can all cause delay in your periods. This means that the only foolproof way is to undergo a pregnancy test. You can buy this kit form your local pharmacy or grocery store.

In case you aren’t sure which is the right time for carrying out the test the rule of thumb says that this is usually most effective one day after missing your periods. In case you experience irregular periods, you can wait for a period of 17 days from the time when you had sex to perform the test. This will give you some accurate readings.

Do you think you are pregnant? There are pregnancy centers near you that can help you answer your questions. These pregnancy centers offer hundreds of services that can you help make informed decisions about pregnancy, life decisions and they can also help perform tests like ultrasounds or pregnancy testing.

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Ultrasound Testing
  • Pregnancy Options Education
  • Natural Family Planning Edication and Coaching
  • Assistance with Adoption

It is important to bear in mind that a pregnancy test will only be an indication of the pregnancy. To confirm this, you will need to undergo an ultrasound. The ultrasound is also effective in determining the viability of a pregnancy. See the map at the bottom of this page for a list of pregnancy centers near you.

Signs and symptoms

The symptoms of pregnancy will differ from one woman to the other. One of the common symptoms is the missed period. In case you are thinking that you are pregnant, you should watch out for these signs and symptoms.

These include tender breasts, headaches, lower backaches and nausea. However, it is also worth noting that these symptoms are notable in other sicknesses. If you happen to be sexually active and you experience one or more of these symptoms, you will need to undertake a pregnancy test.

On top of the missed periods, other early symptoms can include:

- Nausea that isn't accompanied by vomiting
- Increased urination
- Swollen and tender breasts
- Fatigue
- Bloating
- Food cravings and aversions

There are moments when the pregnancy symptoms do not become less obvious. In case you are pregnant, you can experience:

- Slight cramps or bleeding
- Headaches
- Backaches
- Dizziness
- Mood swings
- Darkening of Aeolas
- Constipation